Product Overview

Acronis Cloud provides you with a reliable, safe and hassle free solution for backing up your files and folders to Cloud storage.


Our engineers can setup and configure the whole solution for a fixed fee so you do not need to worry about technical complexities of the setup.

You tell us which files and folders need securing, the backup start time and the backup frequency.

Acronis Cloud Backup

This does not provide you with server Disaster Recovery or any form of Business Continuity should a major issue occur, but it's a perfect if you simply want a cost-effective File to Cloud backup system.


A great choice for startups and SME's with low budgets and low volumes of data.

If you are looking for Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity take a look at our DATTO solution.

Offsite Backups
You always have a backups of your business critical files stored offsite on the secure Acronis servers, so you can restore anytime

Automated Backups

Backups will run at scheduled times.
Worry free and we can remotely change the job details at any time

Key Business Benefits

No Ongoing Maintenance Costs
No backup hardware means there's no related support or maintenance costs.  The software is FREE, so there's no software costs either.

All File Formats Support
Some online file storage systems cannot store soome file types so they are not backed up.  
Acronis will backup ALL types of files

No Human Intervention Required

All backups are performed to Cloud storage so there's no need for anyone to change and secure tapes or disks.

Restore Files Or Whole Folders
You can restore a single file or a whole folder.
The selection can be based upon the date of the backup as multiple days are stored


More About Acronis

Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Backup Cloud backs up disks, partitions, and files to our storage in a secure data center and allows to quickly recover selected files, folders, applications, or an entire system. 

With unified Backup Cloud you get the hybrid local and cloud based protection, essential when you need to quickly restore a file or perform a full file/folder recovery following a major issue.

Is this the right solution for your business?
If you have a resonably low amount of data stored on your servers (less then 500gb) and you only want to relace tape or disk based backups with a Cloud File backup, then Acronis Cloud is a good affordable solution.


Our product specialists would be happy provide you with help and advice.

The right BACKUP product for your business needs to be carefully scoped by our experts to ensure that you receive the best solution which fits your business needs and your budget.

A conversation with us is Totally FREE so we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your needs and simply offer honest advice leading to you making a more informed decision about the next steps.

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