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Steve is our Operational Director with over 15 years experience implementing and supporting IT systems and providing business focused help and advice to SME's.

His jargon-free articles provide invaluable insights into how some of our recommended products and services work and how they can help your business.

Other articles may have a more business or general interest focus.

Our Commercial Director with over 25 years IT and business expertise.  
As a key account manager Andy is perfectly placed contribute posts which target client relevant news and issues.

He has a passion for service delivery and is responsible for ensuring that we provide a an unrivalled value proposition to clients and prospects.

Andy would typically write informative business and jargon-free posts to help the reader understand how existing and new technologies could help their business.


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Lets talk about Business Continuity

It's a taboo topic but what happens when stuff goes wrong, like really wrong... Business Continuity to the rescue! What happens You cannot access the data held on your servers. Why? Small things like user error, larger things like a server gets a virus and in some extreme cases buildings can burn down. All of these have the potential to stop you accessing your business data and bring your company to a stop. OK, so what? Regardless of the cause there are various costs as a result of downtime and serious disasters; operations stop, sales are lost, compliance penalties, missed deadlines, data loss, potential litigation, permanent damage to reputation. If you are in this situation the picture is

60 seconds focus on Office 365

We at Swan are trying to help show our clients the best ways to utilise technology available to them and so we are going to try something different in the form of a challenge. They say the average person can read around 200 words in a minute. With this in mind we thought we would take just 1 minute and try to explain the benifits of the three main MS Office 365 plans in under 60 seconds. (Wait! What if I want more info than 200 words? Move out of the way, there are busy people behind you looking to get in, read the info and get out! If you want more info please see the links below this email and see our more detailed pages at the Swan Solutions website. Now, back to the challenge….) So, g

Datto Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Microsoft Office 365
Metronet Super-Fast Wireless Internet
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