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Steve is our Operational Director with over 15 years experience implementing and supporting IT systems and providing business focused help and advice to SME's.

His jargon-free articles provide invaluable insights into how some of our recommended products and services work and how they can help your business.

Other articles may have a more business or general interest focus.

Our Commercial Director with over 25 years IT and business expertise.  
As a key account manager Andy is perfectly placed contribute posts which target client relevant news and issues.

He has a passion for service delivery and is responsible for ensuring that we provide a an unrivalled value proposition to clients and prospects.

Andy would typically write informative business and jargon-free posts to help the reader understand how existing and new technologies could help their business.


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Office 365 explained in less than a minute.

A quick overview of what Office 365 is, the costs and how to switch over... MS Office 365 = Cloud based services that can be used on local machines and/or online. Main benefits = Cheaper than on premise versions, easier to maintain, allows user collaboration and gives flexibility when working away from your office. Cost = Monthly cost varies depending on which plan you need. The plans: A. Essentials = Full MS Exchange 2016 email (i.e. no different to having a server on site apart from its cheaper) and OneDrive 1TB cloud storage per user. £3.10 per user/per month. B. Business = Latest version of MS Office (2016) including Outlook, Word, Excel and more. NO EMAIL. £7.00 per user/per m

Free Windows 10 upgrade ends 29th July, 2016.

Quick update on the blog post from earlier in the year... The free Windows 10 upgrade ends 29th July. At that point the free upgrade stops being free and will potentially become chargeable. Sounds like I should get upgrading then? Hold your horses! A few things to check first… 1. Have you backed up all critical data? The upgrade process is normally seamless but sometimes an upgrade can go wrong. From there you can’t retrieve the data on your machine. Before doing anything think what critical data do you have on the machine and perform a backup. Good practice is always worth following!! 2. Just because it’s free is it right for you? Your hardware might not be able to use Windows 10. A lot of

Friday’s power surge in Warrington – it all went dark.

Friday 13th May at around 4pm we experienced what we believe was a power surge in the Warrington area. We don’t know how widespread this was so let us know if you ‘felt’ it. Power surges whilst uncommon do happen in the UK and it got us talking about UPS devices. A UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is a unit typically connected to your server that monitors and recognises power supply changes. In a power surge situation it ‘flattens’ the power surge ‘spike’ and your server shouldn’t feel a thing. Should your electric supply go off completely through a power failure the unit can take over from your mains power and runs your server for a short time whilst simultaneously running a command for t

Swan Solutions FREE Roadmap service

Free. Nada.Gratis. Everyone loves a freebie, and here’s a good one: FREE I.T. plan and Roadmap. No obligation, bespoke plan and roadmap for your business. Our clients work well with a plan and we would like to extend that to you dear reader. We will come and review your existing I.T. infrastructure for free. Once we are done we will supply an overview of what I.T. you have in place advising how best to maximise your existing infrastructure. We will also include a no obligation plan of how best to supplement your infrastructure based on your specific needs including the best technologies to use and an indicative cost of upgrades. What’s the benefit for you? How often do you look at the clock

Datto Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Microsoft Office 365
Metronet Super-Fast Wireless Internet
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