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Steve is our Operational Director with over 15 years experience implementing and supporting IT systems and providing business focused help and advice to SME's.

His jargon-free articles provide invaluable insights into how some of our recommended products and services work and how they can help your business.

Other articles may have a more business or general interest focus.

Our Commercial Director with over 25 years IT and business expertise.  
As a key account manager Andy is perfectly placed contribute posts which target client relevant news and issues.

He has a passion for service delivery and is responsible for ensuring that we provide a an unrivalled value proposition to clients and prospects.

Andy would typically write informative business and jargon-free posts to help the reader understand how existing and new technologies could help their business.


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I’ve lost all my businesses data – HELP!!!

Imagine right now you lost every single piece of data on your server. Wave goodbye to shared drive files, drawing, plans, spreadsheets and all that company information. This can happen with simple things like a part in the server breaks or maybe someone has hacked your data and is holding it hostage and offering a ransom to get it back. The situation is a nightmare for businesses and unfortunately a significant number of companies in this situation end up closing within 12 months of this incident as a result. You need a plan. With a Datto backup you have it covered: The Datto device performs automatic backups of the server storing that data on the unit. The unit also then sends a copy of the

What happens when free Windows 10 upgrade ends?

You have 29 days left to make use of the free upgrade. But then what happens? What will happen after the 29th of July, when the free upgrade offer expires? There is no official announcement from Microsoft as yet but it looks like they will either extend the free upgrade period or offer a limited time discount to upgrade. Swan Sources suggest that the purchase cost of Windows 10 will be about £99 for the Home version and £150 for the Pro version. What happens if I Upgrade to Windows 10 for free then need to reinstall after the free period ends? When you upgrade to Windows 10 your computer automatically activates with Microsoft in the cloud and they record details about your hardware to unique

Datto Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Microsoft Office 365
Metronet Super-Fast Wireless Internet
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