Cloud Backup Options

Datto Cloud Backup
Acronis Cloud Backup
Direct To Cloud Backup
  • Direct to your cloud storage.

  • Unattended backups

  • No need to change tapes/disks or take them home with you.



Unlike Datto where the whole server system is backed Acronis allows
you select specific folders to secure, so only your data files are backed up, not the Windows system files and Program Files. 


This selective approach can make this product more affordable if you have low volumes of data and very limited funds, however it does not provide IT Disaster Recovery or any form of Business Continuity.

Onsite & Cloud Backup
  • Unattended backups to a network attached backup device

  • All changes are synchronised to the cloud storage

  • Restore from backups taken 12 months ago


Disaster Recovery
  • Rapid recovery failed servers in the event of a disaster 


Business Continuity
  • Server(s) down or dead?  No problem, you can still work

  • Logon to synchronised Virtual Cloud Servers

  • Access your files and server applications

Selecting a cloud backup solution requires careful consideration and it should not be based purely on cost.  You should consider what you want from your solution .... just the ability to backup and restore files/folders or do you want to protect your business by including systems disaster recovery and business continuity.   


Before you answer this we highly advise that you consider the financial and commercial cost of server downtime to the business, including transparent costs such as lost custom as you cannot quote, access information or provide adequate customer service.

Cloud Backup Solutions

The Problem With Onsite Backups

If you store valuable business data on a server, PC, networked device or one any other system then you must ensure that the data is backed up... or risk losing it forever.


Traditional backups secure data to tapes, disks or cartridges which are changed each day so they can be taken offsite.  Most businesses elect someone to do this task, however it is regarded as a nuisance so it's intermitently missed, especially during busy times.


Even when media is changed it's rarely taken offsite or stored securely and very few people monitor the whole process.  There is an assumption that you can always perform a recovery.

Business Backup - LTO, Cloud, Datto, Acronis

If the above scenario applies to your backup process then your business is at risk and you should talk to us today.
A fire or other major disaster will destroy your server(s), all of your data and if there's no offsite backup you cannot recover anything. So you would effectively STOP TRADING !!


How would this affect you? ... Would your business recover from this?

Eliminate The Risk Immediately With A Cloud Backup From Swan Solutions.

Cloud Backups are now accepted as the most appropriate business solution as they eliminate the need for staff to become involved in the backup process... it's 100% automated and you always have the comfort of knowing that you can recover all of your data should a major issue occur (fire, theft, flooding etc..)

Want to know more...we offer 2 solutions

Cloud Backup Solutions

5 Questions To Ask Before Your Decide

Both Datto and Acronis offer cloud backup but only Datto gives you comprehensive Business Protection & Continuity.
We can quote and advise on the right solution but you should consider the following in advance of our conversations.

  1. How would it affect my business if I lost all of my data forever?

    Consider losing your accounting files, databases, forms, working documents, HR files, quotes, customer history etc...

    How would you fulfill current sales, bill for these sales, view and close opportunities, pay staff and suppliers?
    Could you recover, what would be the interim impacts and how would you manage this? 


  2. How long could you operate without access to your files and sytems?

    So you can restore your files and get your systems running again but what is the impact of any extended downtime.

    How long could you operate before customers notice and start to complain... this is a hidden cost and affects your business credibility.

  3. Do you have contractual obligations or accreditations which require you to have adequate backups and security?

    You often find that accreditations such as ISO require you to be able to restore customer and business critical data within a reasonable
    time-frame.  You may also be contractually obliged to have an adequate IT Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Plan, especially if you work with the public sector or larger organisations via tenders and bids.


  4. Do you hold a financial value to protecting your data?

    Most SME's agree that their data and IT systems are invaluable to their business - if they lose it forever they have no idea how they will continue to trade.  Despite this they often want to purchase the least cost backup option, even through recovering data and systems quickly in the event of a major issue will be regarded as invaluable with every minute costing the business money and credibility. 

    We can help you calculate the average daily cost of server downtime and evaluate if your current backup solution is adequate or if a Cloud based Datto or Acronis solution will better protect your business.


  5. Do you know what backup options exist and which are the best for your business?
    We are experts with backup solutions designed for SME's and we awould be happy to share our knowledge about the best solutions.
    Our advice is FREE so why not take advantage of this so you can make informed decisions about this business critical solution for which you will be accountable for in the event of a major issue. 

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Our Cloud backup solutions have been selected following internal technical R&D so you can be assured that one of the products will perfectly suit your needs and budget.  To assess this we would need to know how many servers you have, the amount of user only data that you store, the total space used on your servers (including system files) and assess the business dependancy on your IT systems.

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