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Our Free Auditing Service

Studies show that organisations who regularly review their use of Technology and implement recommended changes are generally more profitable and operate with greater efficiency.

Understand your existing setup

If you’re part of an IT Management team or Business Owner and need to know exactly what hardware is distributed within your company or maybe you’re looking to begin a tidy-up exercise or rationalise your systems.

Solve performance problems

An Audit can identify poor network optimisation – resolve problems with loss of connectivity and troubleshoot slow performance of your Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices or Servers.


Reduce IT support issues

It is important that all computers are using accepted versions of software and you want the assurance that your IT Systems are consistent across the organisation.


Cyber Security

Ensure that the latest anti-virus and threat management tools and updates are running.

Importantly, find any weaknesses within your IT infrastructure.


Get the best from your Systems

We recommend you use an Audit as the basis for moving forward and improving the efficiency and performance of your IT systems and processes.


Our Auditing Procedure


1. Review meeting

A member of the Swan Solutions Team will meet contact you to gain an understanding of your business needs and an overview of your setup.

During the discussion we will ensure that we fully understand your business, the reasons for your current IT infrastructure and any relevant history.

2. Performance of the Audit

A Swan Solutions Engineer will visit you carry out a physical audit of your IT systems.

Key areas covered include:

  • All computers discovered will be assessed for risks and issues

  • Cyber security advice... risks with your systems and how your staff work

  • Internet connectivity and how we can improve speed

  • A computer asset inventory (important for GDPR compliance)

  • Mobile devices are now an integral part of your IT, so we will review this for you

  • Issues specific to your company can also be included in our review

3. Presentation of our findings

Our business technology expert will meet with you to present the results.

  • A "jargon-free" copy of the report summarising our findings

  • List of key action points, including any urgent recommendations

  • A computer asset inventory (important for GDPR compliance)

  • Answers to your specific questions

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