What is MICROSOFT 365?

Traditionally you bought Office software as a boxed product, via volume licensing or it may be preinstalled with a new computer. 


You typically keep the same version for several years then eventually decide to upgrade.  New features and functionality are the benefits of upgrading, however on the downside you incur undesirable capex costs as you have to purchase lots of upgrade licenses at once.  in addition there is a labour cost for installing the upgrades.


By switching to MIcrosoft Office 365 you eliminate these large one-off costs and the inevitable business impacts caused by the upgrade process.


With Office 365 updates and new versions are available to you FREE and you don't need to pay a computer company to perform future upgrades.


Install On Up To 5 Devices Per Subscription

New Office Versions FREE As They Are Released

No Big Costs ...Pay Monthly From Just £3.80 + vat



Microsoft Office applications are invaluable tools for every size of business, but paying £200-£300 per copy has never been attractive.

It consumes your valuable cash and discourages you from upgrading to the latest version.


Office 365 resolves these issues... you pay a low monthly subscription and you get new versions and update FREE as they are released.

We simply charge a monthly subscription for the selected plan which provides you with email only, Office only or Email + Office.


Even better can mix the versions that you use within your organisations to only pay for what you need.

For example, if you have 30 employees who require email but only 20 need a copy of Office software then you would subscribe to
20 copies of 365 Business Premium (£9.40 each) plus 10 copies of 365 Essentials (£3.80 each).


This flexible monthly subscription pricing model allows SME's to benefit from using the same high quality software and solutions which have previously only been affordable by larger organisations.  Importantly as features such as Exchange in the Cloud are bundled into some plans you no longer need to invest in expensive servers and software just to run yoiur business email system.

I decided to migrate our email to Microsoft 365 to reduce the cost of 

What Our Clients Say. . .

buying a new server and to take advantage of the new features. The migration work was excellent and the business was able to operate uninterrupted throughout the process.

Steve Coulthard
Managing Director- LUV Financial Solutions Ltd

Microsoft 365 Version Comparison

For SME's the most common office 365 products are the Business versions, but we can provision any 365 product if a client has a specific need.  A summary of the fundamental differences can be seen below in the comparison chart.
Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Provides hosted email in the cloud (No Office software is included)
Microsoft 365 Apps for Business
Just the provision of Office software (No email hosting or mailboxes are included)
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Includes Office software and one hosted mailbox
You can mix and match any version you like, so if only half your company needs a copy of Office but everyone needs an email mailbox then you would subscribe to Basics for half the company and Business Standard for the other half.
This is an important point as is it significantly reduces the cost of switching to 365.
If you want to add and remove subscriptions you can do this at any time.
Once you are setup within 365 the process of doing this is quick and the software is delivered electronically to the required computer, smartphone or tablet.
Unlike lots of other Microsoft 365 resellers (who time you in to minimum terms) you can cancel one or all of the 365 services at any
time ... no hassles and no questions asked.  You just pay the the quantity of subscriptions per product up to the cancellation date and billing ceases.
So.... buy Microsoft 365 via Swan Solutions Risk Free with No Commitment.

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£3.80 / month

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Cloud Email System



£7.90 / month

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Office Software

Key Features ...

Key Features ...

  • 50Gb Mailbox Per User

  • Web Office Version

  • 1Tb Cloud File Storage

  • HD Video Conferencing


    Note: No Office with this product

  • Office 2016 Software

  • Web Office Version

  • Install On 5 Devices

  • 1Tb Cloud File Storage

  • HD Video Conferencing


    Note: No Email with this product

Software includes ...

Software includes ...



£9.40 / month

Buy If You  Want...
Cloud Email System

Office Software

Key Features ...

  • 50Gb Mailbox Per User

  • Web Office Version

  • 1Tb Cloud File Storage

  • HD Video Conferencing

  • Office 2016 Software

  • Web Office Version

  • Install On 5 Devices

  • 1Tb Cloud File Storage

  • HD Video Conferencing

Software includes ...



Exclaimer Cloud 365



Office 365 Migration By Swan Solutions

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Signatures On Emails
Sent From Any Device

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Us To Migrate You
Migrate Mailboxes Only
OR The Full Solution

Key Features ...

  • Designed For Office 365

  • Easily Create Signatures

  • Multiuser Cloud Interface

  • Unlimited Signatures

  • Add Marketing Banners

  • Links To Active Directory

  • Easy To Use

Key Features ...

  • Migration By Our Experts

  • Hassle Free Fo You

  • Streamlind Process

  • Low Business Impact


Migration + Onsite Elements

  • Office Changes Done Onsite

  • Project Managed



There are benefits and potential issues to consider when thinking of moving to Microsoft 365 so please allow us to share our knowledge of the technology and the products with you over a call or face to face meeting.

A conversation with us is Totally FREE so we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your needs and simply offer honest advice leading to you making a more informed decision about the next steps.

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