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As the editor he is our main blog and social media contributor.  He is challenged to filter out the jargon and boring techi stuff so we deliver informative and helpful articles.

Our Sales and Marketing Director with over 25 years IT and business expertise.  
As a key account manager Andy is perfectly placed contribute posts which target client relevant news and issues.

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Is The Cloud Right For Your Business?

I might be risking any credibility I have created in the technical community by saying this, but: Cloud computing might not be for you. Now, before you gnash your teeth and tear your hair out, bear with me. Cloud computing / The Cloud / Cloud has been oft-touted as a massive advance bothtechnologically and as a solution for those without access to serious hardware grunt. The concept of cloud computing or at least the commoditization of run time has been discussed in the real world since the middle of the last century, and in science fiction for even longer than that. John McCarthy suggested in the 60s that in the future we might view computational power in the same way we do with our public utilities now.

It’s an idea that continues to find favor – Union Square Ventures’ Albert Wenger wrote about our proximity to that point only recently. It’s only really since the 1990s that availability and distribution of sufficient bandwidth has allowed us to approach that point, however. After that point, grid computing became practically possible, and single entities suddenly had the ability to summon and utilise an array of hardware as a service.

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