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Thank you for selecting Swan Solutions as your "Trusted Technology Partner".

We appreciate that selecting the right company to look after your IT systems and provide help/advice to your staff is extremely important, so we really appreciate your decision to switch this service to our company.

Swan Network Solutions have an unrivalled reputation for providing high customer satisfaction, so we know you have made the right choice of provider.  Once you are on board with We aim to prove this to you also as quickly as possible great service and delivering knowledgeable help and advice to employees.

This sets us apart from our competitors and it's the main reason why we have a 98% customer renewal rate.

What Happens Next . . .

We will review your order details and commence the on-boarding process as outlined below. 


Upon receipt of your submission an account manager will be assigned to your company. 

They will review your details call you to begin formally coordinating the on-boarding process. 


Your account manager will assign a technical project manager to coordinate any technical elements of the on-boarding process.  This typically includes importing your staff details into our systems so we can quickly log calls and provide you with service usage reports, plus they will ensure that our remote support software is installed.

  • Import staff details into our systems so we can quickly log calls and provide you with statistics and reports

  • Install our remote support software so we can quickly view or take control of your computers and servers

  • Work with you and/or the outgoing IT company to obtain passwords and other essential documentation 

  • In advance of Go-Live the support team will be briefed about your agreement and your expectations from us



You will receive a welcome pack and instructions on how you and your employees can log tickets.
A ticket can relate to fault/issue or you may simply have a 'how to' type question.


GO LIVE ...  
On the agreed date your employees can commence logging tickets with us.


Ongoing communication is an essential part of being your Trusted Technology Partner.  We are very different from most of our competitors as we have a genuine desire to ensure that your company maximises use of modern technologies to reduce costs and/or improve operational efficiency allowing you to enhance your competitive edge.  

  • You will receive monthly usage stats from us which includes the number of tickets raised and the time used.

  • Within the first 3 months technical support will naturally become familiar with your IT systems, so they will document any exposures or recommended changes then pass the details through to your account manager to be discussed in your first quarterly meeting... or in advance if we identify a risk or exposure.

  • Your account manager will have quarterly update meetings with you to review the usage stats and ensure that we are providing the services that you expect and deserve.

  • IT Roadmaps will be produced and updated during each meeting with your account manager.  
    During the session we will inform you about the latest hardware, software and technologies that may benefit your business.  Sharing  information about future business changes which may impact upon IT then we can include We will also need to know about To help us inWe will also discuss This roadmap will contain a
    pre-planned schedule of future IT related changes 


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We fully appreciate your frustrations when computer issues stop ytou work working or being productive.  
Our services are designed to help prevent issues from occuring and when they do we manage and resolve them quickly.

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